About Us

Here at Lallic Partners, we aim to provide affordable portfolio growth opportunities. All too often, investment firms charge absurd fees for little portfolio growth; this is something Lallic Partners firmly rejects. Instead, we provide affordable and effective financial services for all customers. Always.


We are a group of seasoned investors with an AUM of over $1,300,000USD. In the last few years, we've been able to grow our portfolio by more than 30% through investing in blue chip, volatile, and emerging stocks. Currently, we provide basic financial advice and services to all clients, and we look forward to welcoming new client investors in the near future.

We are available in Los Angeles, Idaho, Singapore, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Our Partners

Eugene Guo

Senior Partner | Securities Manager

Koki Mashita

Managing Partner | Portfolio Manager

Charles Stewart

Senior Partner | Investor Relations

Michael Chai

Senior Partner | Risk Manager

Our Origins

In 2018, three high school students, Charles Stewart, Koki Mashita and Eugene Guo decided to get into investing. After enjoying a steady return on investment, they decided to start investing properly. Soon after consulting other experienced young investors, we founded Lallic Partners. The firm is based on the simple idea that - regardless of age - everyone should be able to invest at the highest level. 

Now, Lallic manages over $1,300,000 USD, with a steadily increasing portfolio value. Learn how Lallic can help grow your investment portfolio.

Board of Trustees

Mr. Jamie Beaton

Jamie graduated from Harvard University two years early and is the world’s youngest student to be admitted to Stanford University's MBA program. To top it off, he is the founder and CEO of Crimson Education - a global company with valuations over $160 million US dollars. During his days at Harvard, he founded Black Diamond Capital Investors, where he was able to secure thousands of dollars in outside investment. Currently, Jamie is completing his DPhil in Public Policy as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford.

Ms. Lily Chen 

Ms. Lily Chen graduated from the University of California, Irvine-Paul Merage Business School MBA program in 2001. Since then, she founded and now directs Essential Health Benefit Solutions - a health-based benefit consulting and solutions company. On top of her 18 years of experience and expertise in the health risk management industry, Ms Chen boasts a plethora of experience in the finance and consulting industry, most notably as the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Currently, Ms. Shen works as Partner and CEO of China's The Martec Group - a multinational joint venture consulting form with a focus on industrial marketing research and strategic consulting.

Mr. Will Allan

Mr. Will Allan has been an educator for over 20 years at vaious private secondary education institutes. As a life-long investor, Mr. Allan boasts various investments, including a Bank of America stock gifted by his grandfather to him as a baby. He is fascinated in how macro economics, politics and international affairs are reflected in the stock market and this is a point of interest in all of his classes. As a member of the board of trustees, Mr. Allan provides guidance and support for all partners and associates here at Lallic.

Mr. Anh Khoa Tran

Mr. Anh Khoa Tran is a young entrepreneur and social activist. Since 2017, Khoa has founded two social impact ventures and has lead several human rights and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) programs across Vietnam, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. He also worked as a C-suite executive and project manager for various early-stage start-ups, including Youth Force 2030 Vietnam and Oxford University's Clinical Research Unit. At age 18, Khoa has shared his sustainable development initiative with over 30 heads of state, royals, and ministers across five in various international summits and conferences.