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A New Direction in Investing

By subscribing to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI), The Lallic Partner ESG Fund aims to harness the power of capitalism to generate sustainable long-term growth for its clients.

Holding Plant


As new generation investors, Lallic Partners is cautious of Environmental and Social issues around the globe. We, therefore, strive to help bring change to these issues and provide social returns for our investments while providing financial gains for our clients.



Our ESG Fund has a major focus on the long-term performance of investments. We have a firm conviction that with increased regulation and changing consumer behavior, the ESG values of corporations will translate to the market success of the corporations.

Winding Roads


In recent years, ESG Investments have become a global movement. Today, the UNPRI already has $103.7 Trillion AUM under its subscription. Global trends likely to propel market changes in capitalization favor of ESG investors.

The Lallic ESG Team

Eugene Guo


As the Head of the Lallic ESG Team, Eugene has had over 4 years of experience in the investment sector and over 2 years in the emerging ESG sector. For the Lallic Partners ESG Fund, Eugene organizes meetings and uses his understanding of the ESG market to finalize investment decisions for the fund. His current publications focus on the effects of ESG Investment on Small-Mid Capitalization companies.

Michael Chai


As the Managing Associate for the ESG Fund at Lallic Partner, Michael has had over 4 years of experience in the market focusing on TMT investments. Michael's expertise in TMT and Financial Modeling and Valuation has helped with the development of the ESG fund significantly, offering critical suggestions for how to improve the fundamental analysis process to generate profitability for the ESG Fund. 

Ahad Khot


As a part of the ESG Fund at Lallic Partners, Ahad has over 4 years of experience in Investment management with 2 years of experience in algorithmic and social impact trading. Ahad’s expertise lies in strategic analysis and valuation, having consulted for startups across the globe. Ahad’s work primarily relates to offering optimizations and insights into the strategy, profitability and feasibility of the ESG Fund.

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