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Our History

 September 2018

The Beginning

The four founders meet and make their first investments in the stock market.

December 2018

First Returns

The four founders successfully reap their first returns from the stock market.


As the founders' investments grow more successful, other fellow students express their interest in the stock market. In May of 2019, the first returns of $10,000 (35%) on the founders' personal portfolios are observed.

March 2020

First Official Lallic Partners Meeting

The first meeting for Lallic Partners occurred. The four founders' brainstormed and debated. They decided to manage others' funds, which laid the foundations for the company.

September 2020

Official Registration

After months of dealing with legalities, Lallic Partners is officially registered as an LLC in Delaware.

December 2020

Lallic Partners reaches the goal of $1 Million in the total fund.

March 2021

Launch of Lallic Algo

Lallic Partners launches its official algorithmic investing fund on the Collective2 platform.

June 2021

Launch of Lallic ESG

Lallic Partners launches its own ESG Fund, focusing on sustainable investment practices. The fund is scheduled to launch on eToro by 2022.

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